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Established 2014

We cook streetfood across the southeast region. We started as OMG! Hotdog, pimping local rare breed pork sausages with homeamade chilli and slow cooked pork shoulder. In 2016 we expanded our menu to include burgers made from grass-fed local beef and some New York food favourites. You can view our menu here. We also welcomed Bertha, our 3-horse trailer that arrived in a hay-filled state and launched as our shiny new catering unit.

Bertha has undergone surgery thanks to Aylesbury Trailer Servicing and is now on a spa break with To

Original Bertha after a few mechanical upgrades to allow safe towing!

Lick of paint and she'll be as good as new.jpg.jpg

She's huge! Serving hatch cut out - could have done this myself of course...

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off #servicehatch _towability

We explored several options with serving as Bertha has three openings. We felt this was the most practical and gives a nice wide space to talk to customers

#pink #horse #trailer #horsetrailer #streetfood #omg #conversion #shiny #new #hotdog #bright #pop #l

The Spray! So pink, so green!

Chrome #horsetrailer

Got to have some chrome

Great day with #flofest friendly people, so much rain, great music and queues! 🍔

Out on the road.

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